About GameFace Publishing

Ever hear how Jobs and Wozniak started Apple Computers while meeting in a garage? Well, there were these two guys see, David Frees and Kevin Williams, who met at Arby's and the good mood food was so good, they were inspired to start GameFace Publishing.

Tired of spending big bucks for gaming systems that left a lot to be desired, that depended more on the roll of the dice than on imagination and role playing, and combat engagements that dragged endlessly on, they decided to use their skill sets to create a gaming system that was "simple but eloquent." They decided to produce role playing games whose content would be available both digitally and in print, and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to purchase. In addition, each game would be built on a rule system that was easy to grasp, quick to start, and encouraged actual role playing on the part of the players.

photo of assorted dice on cloth
Dice matter, but not as much as imagination.

From these desires Lore was brought forth. A fantasy-based role playing game set within a medieval world filled with fantastic creatures and unique races. Like everything produced by GameFace Publishing, Lore adheres to a basic set of primacies that guide everything we do.

GFP Rules:

  1. Keep it simple and eloquent.
  2. Write for gamers of all ilk. So if you're a "get in, read the bullet points, and then play" kind of gamer, or a "dig deeper type, who wants to know exactly how many goblins there are in a family unit," excellent, you'll find that our content meets your needs. Whether you're A.D.D. or a detail geek, GFP writes for you!
  3. Keep it original. Once the above two standards and expectations were met, GFP went looking for the unexpected: races, classes, creatures, and modules that were developed in such a way that would keep players on their toes and wanting for more.

Although there are other rules, the above three are sufficient for you to get the point. At GFP we are gamers, and have been for decades! We're all about your experience and satisfaction, keeping you guessing at every corner, and taking your imagination to new levels. And with today's technology, in addition to the print versions, you can use your smart phone, tablet device, or laptop, to take your gaming experience with you anywhere you go, and even download new content on the spot, wherever it's most convenient for you.

“they decided to use their skill sets to create a gaming system that was simple but eloquent.”

Well, that's enough about us. Enjoy the site and come back often as we will be uploading new content and information about Lore and other RPG resource as often as we can.