About Lore

Lore is a medieval-based fantasy role-playing game, and the starting point for GameFace Publishing. In Lore you'll discover a world of adventure, good versus evil, magic, mayhem, and mythical encounters to satisfy the most demanding gaming tastes. Melee is meant to take minutes, not hours. And while there are your races— Elves, Dwarves, and Humans...what all gamers expect—you'll also discover new societies and cultures you can play as well.

Lore contains your standard class categories: martial, arcane, nature, and sacred; but with some unique sub-classes that will entice your imagination, set free your sense of drama, and express your alter-ego. Check the web site often, as we will reveal more as we count down to the official release of Lore!

Adventure modules are set in a land known as Candlewood, a world where glory can be had, valor earned, treasures unearthed, mysteries to solve, and above all . . . Orcs killed.

map of the wilderness around the village of applewood
Most players will begin their adventures in either Applewood or Stonebriar.

The Creature Codex will supply you all the beasts and monsters you expect from a fantasy RPG, and some creative new ones that just might have you scratching your head and reaching for the nearest healing draught. What's more, the Codex will grow and evolve right along with Lore, so you'll be able to increase your list of creatures as your campaign moves forward.

Do you run the games? Have no fear revered Loremaster, we've got you covered, with an ever developing list of affordable guides, modules, and even mini-quests that will be released along the way, all accessible from your mobile device, computer, or in print. And if you ever have a question about the game, you can reach us at info@gamefacepublishing.com.