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The Lore RPG Difference

  • Encounter Points A spell is just a spell, right? What if you could ramp up the range? Pile on the damage? Grow the area of affect? With encounter points, you can!
  • Combat Maneuvers Sure you can swing a sword, but how about a hilt strike? a quad strike of arrows? a kidney strike to bring your foe to the floor? All these—and more—make you truly epic in Lore!
  • Layered Armor You paid a lot for that leather armor, so why strip it off just because you liberated an Orcs of his chain mail? Layer it, and be even more awesome!
  • Arcane, Nature, and Sacred Classes Yea, you could (yawn) throw another fireball at the problem—OR—apply some of the new, cunning incantations from Lore for remarkable, heroic, solutions. Hype invocations with encounter points for even more devastating results.
  • Bardic Boredom? Sing a Duet Match the Troubadour up with any other class for stunning Collaborative Maneuvers—duos in damage. Share a song and watch enemies fall before you. It’s all about teamwork, people!
  • Counterspells Is that Litch about to hit your party with lightening? You don’t need that kind of negativity! Launch a counter spell and watch sparks fly! Save the day—and everyone else—with wizard wars, cleric clashes, and bardic battles!
  • Renown They love you! Everywhere you go they fawn over you, offer up free drinks, and cheaper market prices...but ONLY if you have a high Renown score. Do well or ne’er do well, it all affects Renown.

As seen at Gen Con, SpoCon, and GrandCon since 2012

A partial map of Castborough, a region in the world of Candlewood.