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Lore is a medieval-based fantasy role-playing game, and the starting point for GameFace Publishing. In Lore you’ll discover a world of adventure, good versus evil, magic, mayhem, and mythical encounters to satisfy the most demanding gaming tastes. Melee is meant to take minutes, not hours. And while there are your races— Elves, Dwarves, and Humans…what all gamers expect—you’ll also discover new societies and cultures you can play as well.

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Join us to play a game of LORE at the greatest four days of gaming on earth—Gen Con 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Thursday night, August 2, GameFace Publishing hosts four games of LORE:

  • Ring of Avaris [SOLD OUT]
  • The Dwarven Forge [SOLD OUT]
  • Gwyndolen’s Lost Artifact
  • The Dwarven Forge (reprise) [SOLD OUT]

Even if the game is sold out, we have a great time, so come, watch and who knows. . . maybe a seat will open up! We always have giveaways and we would love to meet you!